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Draft Habitat Conservation Plan

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HCP Presentations by Staff:

12/13/17 Briefing Document  |  Handout
10/24/17 Staff Presentation (PDF)
09/05/17 Staff Presentation (PDF)
07/26/17 Briefing to Commissioners (PDF) | 07/26/17 Staff Presentation (PDF)
05/25/17 HCP Workshop Presentation (PDF)
04/20/17 HCP Options Presentation (PDF)   |   Summary: HCP or No HCP (PDF)
04/13/17 Board Briefing Cost Scenarios – Which Building Activities are Covered (PDF)
04/06/17 Board Briefing to Commissioners (PDF)
04/06/17 HCP Cost & Coverage Options: Which Permits to Cover (PDF)
02/23/17 Board Briefing to Commissioners (PDF)
02/26/16 Thurston County Realtors Assn. (PDF)
02/25/16 HCP Workshop group (PDF)
02/24/16 Working Lands group (PDF)
01/20/16 Board Briefing to Commissioners (PDF)
11/19/15 HCP Workshop group (PDF)
08/19/15 Board Briefing to Commissioners (PDF)


Has the gopher review process stopped development in Thurston County?
No. The County receives more than 4,000 permit applications a year and issues permits for more than 90 percent of them.

Do all properties require a gopher review in order to build?
No. The County only reviews permit applications within gopher habitat areas.

How many gophers are needed in order to remove them from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections?
The ESA is not based on the number of animals, but on the amount of habitat.

Do real estate transactions in Thurston County require County reviews or permits?
No. You can buy or sell your real estate at any time whether or not gophers are on site.

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 9/29/17 County Completes Record Number of Gopher Reviews
 5/12/17 Commissioners Approve Big Changes to 2017 Gopher Review Process
 8/01/16 County Returns to Critical Areas Ordinance for 2016 Gopher Review Process
 7/12/16 County Release Early Progress Report for 2016 Gopher Review Season
 6/01/16 2016 Gopher Review Season Begins Today
 3/18/16 Update on the 2016 Gopher Review Season
 9/23/15 Progress report on 2015 Gopher Review Season
 7/27/15 Reminder to submit permit applications by Aug. 3 for gopher reviews
 6/11/15 County implements 2015 gopher review process for permits


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