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Appeal to the Board of County Commissioners   

Concerned Eastside Neighbors - Appeal of the October 11, 2012 Determination of Non-Significance re: the Madela Group LLC Application for Thurston County Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Amendment 2009103063

Project Record:

Table of Contents:

Board of Commissioners Decision on Appeal

April 9, 2013 Board of Commissioners Appeal Meeting Audio (.mp3 format)

April 2, 2013 Board of Commissioners Appeal Meeting Audio (.mp3 format)

Hearing Examiner Recommendation

February 4, 2013 Hearing Audio(.mp3 format):
        Part 1
        Part 2
        Part 3

Exhibits Before the Hearing Examiner:

  1. Appeal of an Administrative Decision, November 1, 2012

  2. Long Range Planning Department Staff Report including attachments a - r

  3. Summary Report responding to DNS Appeal, Lisa Palazzi, CPSS, PWS of J.W. Morrissette & Associates, Inc. P.S., January 10, 2013

  4. Prairie Habitat and Species Recon, Key McMurray, Key Environmental Solitions, LLC, January 8, 2013

  5. Professional Resume of Lisa M. Palazzi

  6. Professional Resume of Key McMurray

  7. Correspondence from Paul Elvig, January 31, 2013

  8. Professional Background of Paul M. Elvig

  9. Court of Appeals Published Opinion No. 30178-8-III, Spokane County, Headwaters Development Group, LLC. and Red Maple Investment Group, LLC. vs. Eastern Washington Growth Management Hearings Board and Michael and Mary Fenke, Donald Lafferty, Leland and Darlene Lessig, David and Bobbie Masinter, Lawrence McGee, David and Barbara Shields, Bert Walkley and Robert and Camille Watson, filed January 31, 2013

  10. Correspondence from Steve Erickson, January 30, 2013

  11. Correspondence from Lettie M. Arnold, Masonic Memorial Park, undated

  12. Correspondence from Jamie Glasgow, Wild Fish Conservanche N.W,, January 31, 2013

  13. Report: Thurston County, WA Urban Forest Data Development, completed January 2011, prepared by AMEC Earth and Envitonmental, Inc.

  14. Air Quality and Land Use Handbook: A Community Hearlth Perspective, April 2005, California Environmental Protection Agency California Air Resources Board

  15. Chapter 173-WAC Maximum Environmental Noise Levels

  16. Correspondence from Adam Sant, South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, January 29, 2013

  17. Historic Cemetery Burials

  18. Forty six color photos of site and surrounding area

  19. Video titled "A Case for Water Typing in WAshington State," Wild Fish Conservnance

  20. List of decibel lebels, January 26, 2013 through January 31, 2013, recorded by appellant

  21. "Conserving the Lifeblood of Puget Sound," Wild Fish Conservnacy publication

  22. Draft Mazama Pocket Gopher Status Update and Recovery Plan, page 81, January 2013

  23. Power Point Presentation "Response to Re-Zoning Appeal Primary Emphasis on Assessment of Wetlands and Streams," Lisa Palazzi, J.W. Morrissette and Associates, Inc.

   24a. Puget Sound Electric Parking Lot Resurfacing drawing, July 10, 1991

   24b  City of Olympia Pacific Avenue Storm Drain Improvement As-built, February 2, 1997

   24c  City of Olympia underground utility map

   24d  Department of Transportation SR5 Plum Street to Pacific Avenue As-built, July 11, 1983 to May 24, 1985, fifteen pages

   25.  Ronald E. Niemi written testimony 

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