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Land Use Ordinances

Land Use Ordinances

land use courtesy City of CovingtonLand use decisions impact us all. They affect our water, community character, wildlife and environment, public safety, roads, and economy.  Thurston County's land-use regulations are intended to promote sound, coordinated development and the most appropriate use of land, and to conserve and restore natural resources that make Thurston County such a special place to live.

Thurston County's land-use ordinances are rooted in Thurston County's Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that provides the overall framework and vision for growth in Thurston County; land-use ordinances are a way of making that vision a reality.

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Site Visit Gopher ReviewGopher Reviews

Applications for projects on gopher soils may need a site visit during the permit process. Please note that the last day of site visits this year is anticipated to be October 31, 2014, weather permitting. It is advisable to submit your application before October 6 to help ensure we can accommodate all requests. For more information on site visits or the Habitat Conservation Plan, click here.


Building Codes

  • For a list of building codes (ie, standards for constrution, plumbing, fire etc...) click here.

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Phone: (360) 786-5490. TDD line: (360) 754-2933.  E-mail: permit@co.thurston.wa.us.


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