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Presubmission Conferences

architect-client-meetingA presubmission conference is a meeting between a project applicant and staff members who will review the proposal. The applicant may also invite additional advisors, such as his/her realtor, surveyor or engineer.  

Since this is an informal meeting between staff and the applicant, and no decision(s) are made, public comment is limited to the applicant and advisors.

In certain instances, a presubmission conference is a required first step in a land use or subdivision process.  Presubmission conferences are now required for the following types of development projects:

At the presubmission conference you will be provided with the requirements for your proposed use solely based on the information you provide.

Presubmission Conference Application & Appointment

A presubmission conference requires a Master Application (MA 001) and a Presubmission Conference Supplemental Application.  There is a fee associated with presubmission conferences - see the land-use fee schedule. After an application and payment is submitted to the Permit Assistance Center, you may schedule an appointment by calling 754-3355 ext. 7247 or e-mailing durdend@co.thurston.wa.us.

List of Scheduled Presubmission Conferences

Please click here for a list of the most recent presubmission conferences.


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