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Agricultural Lands of Long Term Financial Significance

NOTICE: The Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board March 10, 2009 compliance hearing resulted in Thurston County's compliance on all issues except the exclusion of parcels based on wetlands.

The April 22, 2009 Compliance Order requires Thurston County to determine if additional land meets the County’s designation criteria for agricultural lands of long-term commercial significance. Parcels that meet the revised designation criteria may be rezoned to Long-Term Agriculture one dwelling unit per twenty acres or Nisqually Agriculture one dwelling unit per forty acres. The County may also consider modifying its designation criteria to exclude lands predominately covered by wetlands from being designated as agricultural lands of long-term commercial significance.

farmerThe Board of County Commissioners held a work session on July 15, 2009 to review 22+ parcels that were previously eliminated from consideration because there are over 51% wetlands on the parcel. After review through the use of aerial photos, it was determined that the although the parcels may have had wetlands at one time, they appear to have been drained or are currently being farmed based, thereby altering the wetlands. The Board adopted option 1 (re-zone). This action added 15 parcels to the agricultural lands of long term commercial significance designation by amending map-45, map-15, and the official zoning map. These maps will be posted here when they are completed.

Compliance Links and Documents

Agriculture Lands of Long Term Significance Compliance Report  (PDF 49KB)

Long-Term Agriculture Designation Land Analysis Map 12/15/08 (PDF 6.4MB)

Thurston County Planning Commission Recommendation (PDF 732KB)

Summary of Public Outreach Program (PDF 20KB)

Site Evaluation Protocol (PDF 196KB)

Proposed Amendments to Chapter 3 Natural Resource Lands (PDF 360KB)

Changes to Map M-42 Designated Long-Term Agriculture & Forest Lands (PDF 747KB)

Changes to Map M-15 Future Land Use (PDF 572KB)

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