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Thurston County Planning Commissioners will hold a public hearing on October 5, 2016 to take comments on proposed updates to the county’s Capital Facilities Plan.
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Chapter 6: Capital Facilities Plan

The Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) is a six-year plan of capital projects with estimated dates and costs, and proposed methods of financing. The Plan is reviewed and updated annually.

Capital facilities are the facilities needed to support growth. They include roads, bridges, sewers, parks and open spaces, and facilities for drinking water, stormwater, garbage disposal and recycling, and all the government buildings, which house public services.

The Growth Management Act requires the CFP, Chapter 6 of the County's Comprehensive Plan, to identify specific facilities, include a realistic financing plan, and make adjustments to the plan if funding is inadequate. Capital facilities are important because they support the growth envisioned in the County’s Comprehensive Plan.

photo of roads and parksPlanning for capital facilities is a complex task carried out by each department of the County and is the product of separate but coordinated planning efforts, each department focusing on a specific type of facilities.

Financial planning and implementation of capital facilities cannot be effectively carried out on an annual basis, since financing often requires multi-year commitments of financial resources. Therefore, this plan is long-range in scope. The CFP assumes receipt of outside grant resources, and if grants are not received, projects may be delayed or removed. The CFP is a planning document; not a budget for expenditures, nor a guarantee that the projects will be implemented. Each capital project listed in the CFP will need to go through a separate future approval and environmental review process.

The Supplement to the Draft Capital Facilities Plan describes in more detail each of the capital projects included in the CFP, the basis for selecting projects, criteria used is setting priorities, and the capital project list by priority.

2017-2022 Capital Facilities Plan Update

Thurston County is in the process of updating the Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) for 2017-2022. The Draft Capital Facilities Plan and Supplement are available for public review.

  • Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing 12/5/2016 at 6 p.m. 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Blgd 1, Rm 280
  • Planning Commission Public Hearing 10/5/2016
  • Planning Commission work Session 8/3/2016
  • Board of County Commissioners briefed on plan 8/3/2016

Draft Capital Facilities Plan Chapters 2017-2022

Draft Supplement to the Capital Facilities Plan 2017-2022

2016-2021 Capital Facilities Plan Update

On December 11th the Thurston County Board of Commissioners approved the Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) for 2016-2021 following three days of public testimony (December 7th-9th). The 2016-2021 Capital Facilities Plan and Capital Facilities Supplement are available for public review at the links below.