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Project Manager:
Maya Teeple,
Associate Planner

Public Meetings on Mineral Resource Lands

Thurston County is currently considering several designation options for mineral resource lands. There will be opportunities for public input regarding designation criteria and policies in the upcoming year. Final decisions about mineral lands polices and designation map will be part of the overall Comprehensive Plan Update, in 2018.

Public Meeting Materials

Planning Commission, May 17, 2017

Board of County Commissioners, June 14, 2017

Planning Commission, June 21, 2017

Planning Commission, October 18, 2017

Planning Commission, November 1, 2017

Planning Commission, November 15, 2017

Planning Commission, December 6, 2017

Board of County Commissioners, May 16, 2018

Board of County Commissioners, May 22, 2018

Board of County Commissioners, May 31, 2018

Board of County Commissioners, June 5, 2018

 Stakeholder Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes, April 19, 2017

Meeting Minutes, September 19, 2017

Meeting Minutes, November 6, 2017

Meeting Minutes & Materials, May 1, 2018

Meeting Minutes, May 24, 2018


Contact for Mineral Lands Inventory:
Maya Teeple, Thurston County Associate Planner
Maya.Teeple@co.thurston.wa.us or 360-754-3355 x5578.


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