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Urban Forests in Thurston County

The term “urban forest” generally refers to all vegetation, both public and private, that is found growing in cities and communities. It can include urban parks, street trees, residential yards, public gardens, greenways, nature preserves, and natural areas.

Urban forests provide many environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits. They clean the air, reduce stormwater runoff, conserve energy, improve property values, strengthen quality of place, and create more livable communities.

Urban Forestry Management Plan

What do you want the County’s urban forest to look like?

Thurston County is working on an Urban Forest Management Plan that will combine the most effective elements of our cities’ tree ordinances to create a framework for policies and actions to enhance the urban forest for years to come.

Stay posted here for the latest information.

Learn more about the benefits of urban forests and trees

Urban Forest Statistics Sheet   (PDF 130KB)

Want to know how much your trees are worth? Visit the National Tree Benefit Calculator

2010 Community Forestry Assistance Grant

tree lined roadIn July 2010, Thurston County was awarded a grant by the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Urban and Community Forestry Program. Thurston County was among 27 counties, cities, towns and nonprofits that were awarded grants in order to encourage citizen involvement in creating and supporting long-term and sustainable urban and community forestry programs at the local level.

DNR's program is offered in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program.

Thurston County used grant funds to acquire a baseline inventory of tree cover in the unincorporated Urban Growth Areas from existing (2009) high resolution aerial photography. This canopy inventory will allow the county to assess the current status of its urban forests and make management decisions that will support Thurston County’s mission and vision.
View the urban forest canopy map here.   (PDF 2.2MB)
View the urban forest canopy report here.   (PDF 2.3MB)


Contact Us

For questions about trees on your property, please contact Resource Stewardship at (360) 786-5490.
For information about Thurston County's urban forestry grant project, please contact Joshua Trygg, GIS Analyst.
Phone (360) 754-3355 x 7589, email tryggj@co.thurston.wa.us

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