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Thurston County is working closely with federal, state, non-profit and private partners to create a Habitat Conservation Plan. Along with helping the county achieve its goals, they share the responsibility of preserving our prairies.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord is the largest operating joint base on the west coast and an engine of economic prosperity for the region. The impact areas at JBLM have some of the best quality prairies in the region. The base was one of two recipients of the 2013 REPI Challenge Grant, which will help them secure lands for conservation use. It is also partnering up the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Department of Interior, and the Department of Defense as the first Sentinel Landscapes partnership, which will preserve agricultural lands, assist with military readiness, and restore and protect wildlife habitat. JBLM is committed to an active and long-standing partnership with the county. For more information on the program, go here.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service manages the Endangered Species Program and issues incidental take permits. Their insight helps the County develop a plan that’s flexible and unique to our region.  For more information on the local branch of the agency, click here.

The Center for Natural Lands Management conserves prairies, oak woodlands and freshwaters in the region. CNLM’s South Sound Project has decades-long experience working on the rarest habitats in the South Sound area.

They have prepared a list of voluntary programs offered by various conservation partners that are available for landowners with prairie habitat.

The Thurston County Geodata Center provides County staff with accurate mapping tools and support. This is useful during implementation of the Habitat Conservation Plan because the collected data is one of the tools the County uses to determine the quality of our prairies. The center maintains information on wetlands, water bodies, habitat types, floodplains, school districts, roads, parcels, soils, steep slopes, watershed basins, landfills, medic zones, sensitive areas and more. Geodata also is the lead entity in the acquisition of aerial photography for Thurston County.

Thurston Regional Planning Council is made up of representatives from 21 jurisdictions and organizations who come together to address challenges related to our region’s growth. They provide information, regional statistics, trends, analyses, and maps to give a solid basis for decision-making and planning efforts in the County.


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