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Shoreline Master Program Update

Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report

The Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report is the foundation for the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) and is developed using a scientific approach.

The Shoreline Inventory and Characterization serves as a snapshot of current conditions and provides a baseline for tracking the "no net loss of ecological functions" provision required by Ecology's SMP Guidelines. Together, the inventory and characterization lead to an understanding of the relationship between shoreline processes and functions and the built environment.

The Shoreline Inventory and Characterization identifies and assesses: existing information on watershed and shoreline attributes; current shoreline conditions and development patterns; ecosystem-wide processes and shoreline functions; opportunities for restoration, public access and shoreline use. Developing the inventory and characterization helps to identify solutions to shoreline issues and guides the development of shoreline designations, policies and development standards that achieve no net loss of shoreline ecological functions.

For more information, refer to Ecology’s Shoreline Management – Inventory and Analysis page.


Thurston County completed a revised DRAFT Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report in June 2013. This study, along with associated maps and appendices may be downloaded and viewed using the links below. An electronic version on compact disc can be provided by mail by contacting the Thurston County Planning Department. A previous study and analysis was prepared by Grette and Associates in collaboration with Thurston County planning staff and made available for public review. The revised report incorporates comments and requested changes made on that document.

**NOTE: The following documents and maps are medium-to-large in size.  If you have a high-speed connection to the Internet, we have provided compressed archives of these documents and maps for one-step downloading if desired.  The zip files are very large, and should only be downloaded via high-speed internet connections.  If your connection is slower (DSL 1.5Mbps or less), then you should download each document or map separately (see list below).

June 2013 FINAL DRAFT Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report:Inventory Report Icon

**NOTE: All map PDFs in the map folio are formatted to have a digital page size of 54” x 36”. This size increases the definition when zooming in to view smaller sections of the map. If you wish to print copies of the maps on 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17” paper, click print, then in the printer options, choose “fit to printable area” in the page scaling menu.

May 2010 DRAFT Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report:shoreline plan cover


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