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Shoreline Master Program Update

2008 Meetings

First Workshop Series

One of the first steps in updating a Shoreline Master Program is to inventory existing shoreline conditions (WAC 173-26-201). This effort ensures that the community can make informed decisions about the future of their shorelines.

This process began by gathering all of the information currently available from a wide variety of sources. In addition to scientific reports and studies, citizens are an important information resource. That is why Thurston County designed the first community workshops for collecting facts, opinions, and values citizens hold about their shorelines.

The county hosted five community workshops in April and May 2008 in different areas of the county: Black Lake, Yelm, Lacey, Steamboat Island, and Rochester. Participants worked in groups to share what were their favorite and least favorite places along the shorelines. Drawing on maps, citizens recorded valuable information about structures and activities, recreation, viewpoints, habitat areas, and historical and archeological sites. They also described what they liked or disliked about their shorelines.

The information collected at these workshops will be important for county planners in the ongoing process of writing a draft plan.

red arrow More workshops were held in March 2009. Click here for dates, times, and workshop notes from the March 2009 meeting.

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