The Bridge Program is responsible for monitoring the functional and structural integrity of all County bridges through regular inspection and reporting. The program forms an integrated and comprehensive strategy to maintain and preserve the County’s bridges and the continuity of the road network. The three main goals of the bridge program are:

  • Keep the bridges open and safe for public use.

  • Preserve bridge infrastructure by having a formal bridge report file containing the history of inspections and an evaluation of the condition of the structure.

  • Replace bridges with reliable new structures when repair and rehabilitation are not feasible.

There are 109 bridges in Thurston County’s bridge inventory. Each bridge is inspected and rated at a minimum frequency of every two years. This program has served the citizens of Thurston County well because maintenance needs have been identified early so that costs of repair have remained minimal. A proactive inspection program is one of the major reasons that bridges in need of replacement have been identified as early candidates for the bridge replacement.

Classified by substructures the bridges inspected by Thurston County are categorized as follows.
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