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Public Works Voice Mail Menu:
You may dial your party's 4-digit extention at any time or use one of the following:

(For Thurston County's TDD line: 711 or 1-800-833-6388 )

1- Road Operations: Including Potholes, Mowing, Dead Deer, Down Signs and Oversize Permits
2- Water and Sewer Utilities
3- Solid Waste Billing
4- Real Estate Services
5- Business Hours, website and location information
6- Connect directly to reception.
AdministrationPhone 360-867-2300 Fax 867-2291
General Information EmailPlease use form available HERE
Jennifer Walker -Director867-2271
Lynn Richard - Admin Services Manager867-2270
Marcie Taylor - Executive Assistant867-2273
Karen Weiss - Financial Services Manager867-2327
Rick Thomas - Project Program Management867-2316
Engineering & ConstructionFax 867-2292
Scott Lindblom -County Engineer
Engineering Services Manager
Darin Zenkner - County Surveyor/
Survey Manager
Theresa Parsons - Design Engineering867-2330
Steve Bricker - Construction & Support Manager867-2361
Craig Sisson - Real Estate Services Manager867-2354
Real Estate ServicesFax 867-2291
Kevin Hughes - Development Review Manager867-2042
Development Review867-2050
FAX:754-2939 Please Note: The Dev-Rev office is located in Bldg.1 of the Thurston County Court House
Scott Davis - Transportation Manager867-2345
Transportation Engineering and OperationsNeighborhood Speedwatch, Speed limit questions, 867-2345
Fax 867-2296
Lucy Mills - Road Operations Manager867-2384
Road Operations867-2300 Maintenance questions, oversize permits, service requests. For down stop signs call 867-2300  during business hours. (Stop Signs only, after hours please call 360-704-2740 )
Kerry Hibdon - Parks Operations867-2181
ParksMaintenance and Operations 360-867-2181
Programs and Facilities Information 360-786-5595
Water & Waste UtilitiesEMERGENCY 800-926-7761 Payments,Questions 867-2315 Fax 867-2293
Monica Gorman - Solid Waste Mananger867-2278
Gerald Tousley - Waste & Recovery Center Manager867-2900
Solid Waste
(Google Map)
Waste & Recovery Center (WARC)
2420 Hogum Bay Rd NE
Olympia, WA
County WasteLine: 360-786-5494
Garbage & Recycling: 360-867-2491
Tim Wilson - Noxious Weeds/Lakes Manangement786-5576
Noxious Weeds/Lakes Management(360)786-5576
9605 Tilley Rd. S.
Olympia, WA 98512
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