Make a Payment

Thurston County Public Works now offers you the ability to use your credit or debit card* to pay for utility bills and other services on-line. We have partnered with Point&Pay to provide you with a secure portal to enter your information and make your payment.

After clicking the link you are presented with the payment form on a secure webpage where you can enter payment details. You also have the option to register, and create automatic payments.

At this time, you can pay your Thurston County Water and Sewer Utility bills for Boston Harbor, Tamoshan/Beverly Beach, and Grand Mound. You can also pay your Parks reservation fees, (after receiving confirmation), invoiced payments to Public Works, and business payments to Solid Waste for the Waste and Recovery Center (NOTE:Payments for Curbside Garbage & Recycling pickup are not accepted.)

Point&Pay portal

*2.35% transaction fee, (minimum $2.00)