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If you have a  life or health threatening emergency please call 9-1-1
PLEASE DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 for road closure or utility information
 For your convenience, this page links to our ROAD STATUS AND CLOSURES MAP for current information such as road conditions, closures, or restrictions in the event of an emergency or weather event. You can also use the links above to get contact information for the Thurston County Sheriff's office and Puget Sound Energy. PSE's website will have outage information and links for you to report outages. Thurston County Public Works does not track utility outages on our website.
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Information about sandbags and sandbagging

Note: Sandbags are distributed through Thurston Emergency Managment. Please click the link above for information.

Information about Freeze/Thaw Road Restrictions

Clicking the button below will open the map showing the various cold weather mitigation routes, and their order of priority.

Snow route map

FAQ: Snow and Ice Removal Winter


The Roads Maintenance Division of Public Works is mobilized to respond to wintry conditions on a 24/7 basis when needed. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our snow and ice removal operations.

We can not respond to calls for clearing of specific roads.
 snowflake1When do you plow? We begin plowing when two or more inches of snow accumulates on the roads. If road conditions require continual clearing, we begin a 24-hour operation.

 snowflake1Which roads are cleared first? County arterials providing access to state highways and critical facilities such as hospitals and fire stations are cleared first. “Collectors” such as Kaiser, Libby, Kirsop and Meridian roads, are the next to be cleared. After collectors have been cleared, we move on to residential routes.

 snowflake1Do you ever close roads? Yes, certain locations (such as Michigan Hill Road) are subject to closure during hazardous conditions.

snowflake1Do you apply anything to the roads before a snow or ice storm? Yes. Roads Maintenance applies an anti-icing material made of salt brine that prevents the buildup of ice and snow on road surfaces. The anti-icing liquid is used on hills, curves and intersections on high volume roads such as Old Highway 99, Littlerock Road, Martin Way and Yelm Highway. Sanding and snowplows will be used in other locations. The anti-icing material contains fewer chemicals than de-icers, resulting in less impact on the environment and less vehicle corrosion. Use of anti-icers also reduces the amount of sand applied to roads.

snowflake1Is it okay to clear snow off my driveway into the road? Pushing snow from private property on to public roadways is strongly discouraged. There are many safety factors to be considered, including impacts to other drivers.

snowflake1What about berms that the snowplow leaves in front of my driveway
? With more than 2,000 shoulder miles of county road to clear, we do not have the time or staff to remove berms of snow that may be left along private drives. Although our snow plow operators do everything possible to minimize impacts to private driveways, berms, unfortunately, are an inevitable byproduct of snow and ice removal.

snowflake1Can I hire a private contractor to remove the snow on the county road in front of my house?
No. However we encourage residents to help prevent flooding in their neighborhoods by carefully clearing drains and ditches of clogging debris.
snowflake1What resources does the county have for snow and ice removal?
Roads Maintenance has 10 snowplows, six sanders, and four anti-icing trucks on duty. We extend shifts to provide 24-hour coverage when necessary.

snowflake1How can I report a hazardous road?
Call the Roads Maintenance office at 867-2300.

We can not respond to calls for clearing of specific roads.

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