Page 11 - Thurston County Public Works 2018-2023 Transportation Improvement Program
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Thurston County Public Works                       Transportation Improvement Plan 2018-2023  |  Chapter 1

         Chapter 1

         Legal and regulatory requirements

         RCW 36.40.020                                           RCW 36.81.130

         Purpose                                                 Purpose
         Requires the County Commissioners to annually           Requires a county legislative authority approve an
         submit a detailed statement showing all new road        annual road program prior to adopting a budget for
         and bridge construction to be financed from the         the ensuing six years period.
         county road fund, and issued bonds, if any. For the
         ensuing fiscal year, the statement must also show       How does Thurston County meet this
         the county road engineer's estimated construction       requirement?
         costs for road and bridge maintenance.                  Thurston County Annual Road Construction
                                                                 Program is prepared in conjunction with the TIP
         How does Thurston County meet this                      prior to adoption of the budget for the ensuing six
         requirement?                                            year period. It can be found on page 136.
         New road and bridge construction, as well as
         maintenance and roads preservation budgets for
         county roads and bridges are submitted as part of       RCW 36.82
         the Public Works budget and are identified as 2018
         expenditures in Chapter 4, page 136.
         RCW 36.81.121                                           Requires the creation of a road fund for each
                                                                 county in the state. Any county funds which accrue
                                                                 for use on county roads must be credited to and
         Purpose                                                 deposited in the county road fund.
         Requires the county legislative authority to adopt a
         revised and extended comprehensive                      How does Thurston County meet this
         transportation improvement program for six years.       requirement?
         Assures that each county will perpetually create        Thurston County Public Works has established a
         advanced plans to guide the implementation of a         road fund (no. 1190) and manages the fund in
         coordinated transportation program.                     accordance with the requirements of RCW 36.82.

         How does Thurston County meet this
         requirement?                                            WAC 136-14
         Thurston County's current 2017-2022
         Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) was            Purpose
         adopted August 2016. Public Works will present the      Requires counties to use a documented
         2018-2023 TIP to the Board of County                    prioritization method for road construction
         Commissioners on August 15, 2017.                       projects. This assures dedicated fuel tax funds are

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