Page 9 - Thurston County Public Works 2018-2023 Transportation Improvement Program
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Thurston County Public Works                        Transportation Improvement Plan 2018-2023  |  Overview


         Transportation improvement

         programs and projects for 2018-2023

         This document outlines Thurston County’s                annual update. TRPC reviews projects receiving
         transportation program for the next six calendar        federal funding to ensure expenditures are
         years, 2018-2023. It is prepared as part of the         consistent with regionally-adopted goals and plans.
         annual update to Thurston County Comprehensive
         Plan Chapter 6 - Capital Facilities. In addition, the   Prepared as required in the Revised Code of
         Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) informs        Washington Chapters 36.81 and Washington
         future plans for transportation improvement             Administrative Code 136, Chapters 15 and 16,
         programs and projects. Chapter 2 lists Thurston         counties must file adopted programs annually with
         County’s transportation projects scheduled for          the State Department of Transportation and the
         funding during 2018-2023. Additionally, Chapter 4       County Road Administration Board (CRAB). The
         includes the 2018 Annual Road Program, listing          program plan must include projects funded by the
         projects scheduled for funding in 2018.                 Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) and CRAB.
                                                                 This annual update also informs other jurisdictions
         The TIP is submitted to the Thurston Regional           of Thurston County's current planning direction for
         Planning (TRPC) for review and inclusion in the         transportation needs.
         Regional Transportation Improvement Program

          Thurston County’s Comprehensive Plan Transportation Goals

          Thurston County’s Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 5 - Transportation, details the county goals which guide
          the type of transportation improvement projects Thurston County Public Works plans and builds.

          GOAL 1: Provide transportation systems that enhance the health, safety, and welfare of Thurston
                   County citizens.

          GOAL 2: Provide transportation systems that support and complement the land use element of the
                   Thurston County Comprehensive Plan, and are consistent with and work to meet the goals of the
                   Regional Transportation Plan.

          GOAL 3: Provide mobility for all citizens regardless of age, handicap, or income.

          GOAL 4: Efficiently provide publicly accepted levels of service.

          GOAL 5: Allow the state-wide and interstate movement of goods, services, and passengers.

          GOAL 6: Maintain compatible relationships between airfields, landing strips and surrounding land uses.

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