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Mission Statement

Who are we?

We are Thurston County Public Works. Our Department was previously known as Roads and Transportation Services and is under the the direction of Ms Donavan Willcutt. Donavan has been with Thurston County for over 20 years, and most of those have been with our department.

We are responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, and improvement of more than 1,000 miles of county roadway, and adjacent right of way.

Our operating budget comes from a variety of sources, including grants,a portion of property and gas taxes and permit fees. (A copy of our annual operating budget is availble on the main county website)

Our maintenance crews provide sanding, plowing, and anti-icing of county road surfaces during the winter season, and mowing, vegetation management, and drainage throughout the year.Additionally, we respond to emergency situations resulting from natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes to assist county residents in evacuation and access, and property protection.

Public Works is also responsible for the management of the Waste and Recovery Center (WARC), utilities, traffic signs and signals, and the maintenance of the county park system.

We respond to citiizen requests for maintenance of the right of way and roadway surface through the use of online service requests and telephone requests.

We try to keep the public up to date on our projects and recycling tips and events using Social Media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook and blogging in addition to our internet sites.

We have a new environmentally friendly main campus on Tilley Road which not only built green using recycled products but also complied with Gold LEED standards by implementing solar and thermal heating and people friendly daylight windows.