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Current Project Traffic Information

Yelm Highway Realignment & Widening Project

YH_backhoeProject Information & Contacts

Project coordinator:
Theresa Parsons,  754-4580
Public Information Officer:
Keith Eisner,  786-5245

In addition to updates sent to the media, we’ll also be using Yelm Highway Blog, reader boards, fliers, the web and Twitter to keep the public informed.

Visit  Olympia Public Works  for infomation on their portion of the project.

For details on how the project will affect bus route 68, please visit IT's website .

sm_arcProject Overview

The section of Yelm Highway between Henderson Boulevard and Rich Road (approximately 1 1/4 miles) will be widened to provide two driving lanes in each direction, sidewalks and bike lanes. Two roundabouts, one at Boulevard Road and one at Brassfield Street, will also be constructed. The $10 million road portion of the project is funded from several sources: State Transportation Improvement Board, $3.9 million; Thurston County Roads Fund, $3.5 million; federal funds, $1.6 million; City of Olympia, $506,000; County Mitigation fund, $444,000, and Intercity Transit, $15,000. In conjunction with the county project, the City of Olympia will upgrade sewer and water utilities in the area

sm_PondWorkPlansheets & Archival Information

Current project plansheets and information:
Phase V Plan -- Aerial with overlay  

 Archive of design plans, engineering and discovery documents and summaries of public meetings.

Project Location

View Yelm Highway project area in a larger map