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Information for Contractors and Vendors

Publication of Record

Our Publication of Record is The Olympian. This is the publication where our bid announcements and other legal notices are posted.

Small Works & Professional Services Rosters

As of 2013, the Thurston County Public Works will have MRSC Rosters begin maintaining our small  works and consultant rosters. To be eligible to to work on Thurston County Public Works roster projects for small construction related or small engineering/architectural projects, you will need to apply for free at www.mrscrosters.org and select Thurston County Public Works in your application.  If you have questions about the MRSC Rosters registration process, please contact Ellen Hutchinson, MRSC Rosters Manager at 206-625-1300 or ejh@mrsc.org. (NOTE: Previous roster applications will not be used as of January 1, 2013.)

 RCW-Small WorksRCW-Pro ServicesRCW Compet Bids <$40K

Contract Advertising and Awards

Thurston County Public Works uses the services of Builders Exchange of Washington to post electronic plans and specifications for all county road projects.

The Builders Exchange website is the source for obtaining our bid packages, as they are no longer available for purchase at county offices. Plans, specifications, addenda, and plan holders lists are available online at www.bxwa.com. Bidders are encouraged to "Register as a Bidder" on the BXWA website in order to receive automatic email notification of addenda and to be placed on the Bidders List.

A set of plans and specifications is available for viewing at our office at 9605 Tilley Rd S, Olympia, WA. If you have any problems or concerns with this process please give us a call at (360) 867-2300 and we will be glad to help you through it.

Vendor Information

To be eligible for consideration regarding the providing of products and/or services to Thurston County, a vendor must have applied for and have been approved for admission to the Thurston County Vendor List. Please note that being placed on the Vendor List does not mean that a vendor will be contacted every time a purchase/contract is initiated. A vendor may request to be added to the Vendor List at any time. Once added, a vendor will remain on the Vendor List until the vendor requests to be removed from the list or until the vendor is no longer in business.

To be added to the Public Works vendor list, please contact us at 360-867-2300 to request an application.

-Title VI Information-
Title VI Statement to Public Thurston County Public Works ensures full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by prohibiting discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin or sex in the provision of benefits and services resulting from its federally assisted programs and activities. For questions regarding Thurston County's Title VI Program, you may contact the Department's Title VI Coordinator at (360) 867-2319.