Page 6 - 2016 Annual Report
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        SCOTT & RAMIRO

        T     he  services  we  provide       story every day. Our ability to adapt   to seize their own opportunities and

              Thurston County are critical
                                              limitless opportunities for us as
        to improving quality of life for      and embrace change will create       learn from them. Looking ahead,
                                                                                   2017 will prove to be another year of
        residents and visitors. From roads,   individuals and as an organization.   change and opportunity as two new
        bridges and traffic control - to parks,   Opportunities come in many colors,   commissioners  will join Thurston
        water and sewer utilities, solid waste   shapes, and sizes. The question is, are   County. Lets be ready to seize these
        management, lake water quality, and   we willing to seize such opportunities   opportunities and make them our
        noxious weed eradication - every day   as a learning platform? Without     own.
        tens of thousands of people rely on   change, there can be no progress.
        our services without realizing it. The                                     Scott Lindblom
        3 a.m. roadway de-icing, the years it   In 2016, the department experienced   It has been a tremendous experience
        takes to plan, design, and build road   a few changes, including structural   serving as Interim Public Works
        improvements, and the thousands       reorganization and several new       Director. I’ve always known our
        of hours spent educating people on    division and program managers.       department has a reputation for being
        sustainable environmental practices,   These  changes   are   designed     one of the best service providers.
        are largely invisible. That is why we   to enhance our efficiency and      Since embracing the opportunity
        are excited to implement our vision   accountability - aligning the services   to guide the department, I can
        of  transparency  and accountability.   we provide with the department's   clearly appreciate the magnitude
        By telling the story of public works   mission and vision.                 of what that means and how closely
        we can create a positive culture of   Ramiro Chavez                        we work together. Our professional
        citizen and staff engagement.                                              dedication and desire to serve is
                                              I chose to embrace the opportunity   abundantly clear in all areas of the
        Each one of us plays a crucial role   to  serve  as  the  Interim  County   department. Thank you all for a great
        in the success of our department      Manager, and have learned a great    year. Looking forward to continued
        - as our words and actions tell our   deal. I encourage Public Works staff   improvements in 2017.
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