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 This transportation improvement program (TIP) outlines Thurston   projects scheduled for funding in 2017. Additionally included are

 County’s transportation program for the next six calendar   Thurston County’s projects scheduled for future funding during

 years, 2017-2022, and updates future plans for transportation   2017-2022.

 improvement programs and projects.

                                           The TIP is submitted to the Thurston Regional

 Prepared as required in the Revised Code of   This plan provides   Planning (TRPC) for review and inclusion in the

 Washington Chapters 36.81 and Washington   information on   Regional Transportation Improvement Program

 Administrative Code 136, Chapters 15 and   Thurston County   annual update. TRPC reviews projects receiving

 16, counties are must file adopted programs   TRANSPORTATION   federal funding to ensure expenditures are
 annually with the State Department of   PROGRAMS & PROJECTS  consistent with regionally-adopted goals and

 Transportation and the County Road    for 2017 - 2022.  plans.

 Administration Board (CRAB). The program

 plan must include projects funded by the   The projects included in this document are

 Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) and CRAB. This annual   the result of evaluation and prioritization of needs in various

 update also informs other jurisdictions of Thurston County's   transportation areas. Evaluation includes input from various

 current planning direction for transportation needs.   divisions in the department, other agencies, and the public.

      Funding availability can change from year to year, which can

 Included in this plan is the 2017 annual road program, listing   affect project priorities.

 ROAD FUND  FUND   CONSTRUCTION FUND                                                                                      FUND


 Fund 1190 generally pays for operations, maintenance, system   Fund 3010 generally pays for capital construction projects, such

 preservation, administration, indirect costs, and a transfer   as culverts, mobility improvements, bridges, and other related

 to the construction fund. Most revenue is from the property   programs. Most revenue is from federal and state grants,

 tax road levy and the motor vehicle fuel tax. As required in   transfer from the road fund, and impact fees. As required in

 WAC 136-15-030, the TIP includes a revenue and expenditure   WAC 136-15-030, the TIP includes a revenue and expenditure

 summary, by source and expense category (see page 17).  summary, by source and expense category (see page 21).

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