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Transportation Safety Projects

What's happening now?

March 10, 2015: The project is in Winter shutdown. There are still recessed pavement markers in SW County and recessed thermoplastic stripes to complete in dry weather late Spring.

Sept 16, 2014: Contractor continued work installing pavement markers and rumble strips throughout the County. The traffic signal portion of the project is complete.

Aug 7,2014: Work has been continuing on this project. Over the last couple weeks, the crews have installed more curve extension paint lines, more stop bars, along with other safety improvements. The contractor has begun pavement marking work on some intersections. For the remainder of this week, slight delays on various intersections of Martin Way should be expected.

The Traffic Signals project started up at the beginning of April. This project consists of safety improvements at (15) intersections in Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater. Expect minor delays when traveling through the intersections during work hours and watch for warning signs.

Follow us on Twitter @Thurston_PW for crew locations during the project.

Project plans available online at Builders Exchange of Washington
Questions or comments can be directed to :
Brandon Hicks