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Salmon Creek Bridge L4

What's happening now?

Aug 20, 2014: It's been a busy week. The entire existing structurally deficient bridge has been removed (except for the H-piles added to the structure in the 1980's), the streambed under the new bridge has been worked on, and the contractor has prepared for upcoming pile-driving activities.The pile-driving subcontractor began installing sheet pile this morning. They will start driving the bridge piles afterwards.   We'd like to remind you, that for your safety, the work zone is closed to everyone not involved with the project or not there with permission.This includes pedestrians and bicycles.

Aug 13, 2014:The Bailey bridge has been removed as of Tuesday. Demolition of the existing structurally deficient bridge will begin this week. Demolition will be slow until utility conduits attached to one side of the bridge are removed.

Aug 12,2014:Crews began removing the temporary Bailey bridge that was on loan from WSDOT during the first day of the road closure yesterday, both approach ramps and the deck were removed. Crews will continue to dismantle the Bailey bridge today and will finish this week. Once the Bailey bridge is removed, the contractor will begin demolishing the existing structurally deficient bridge.

Aug 11, 2014: Littlerock Road was closed this morning for a duration of up to eight weeks for the demoltion/installation process. During this time NO TRAFFIC will be allowed through the work zone. Emergency services has been working with Public Works and are aware of the closure, as are the other affected agencies and utilities. The detour route is marked, and the map is available by clicking the link below.

Aug 7, 2014: The drilling subcontractor began drilling a directional bore to relocate an existing gas main this week. The August 11th closure is still on for next week. The Bailey bridge will be completely removed next week and demolition of the structurally deficient bridge will begin.

July 24th. 2014: The contractor mobilized the job trailer and stream bypass pipe to the project site this week. Some erosion control features have been installed as well. Some major utility work along with clearing/grubbing will begin next week. Portable message signs are being placed to inform commuters about the coming road closure from Aug 11 to Oct 6. Detours maps have been provided on our website. Starting Aug 11, crews will be working long hours and often on weekends until the new bridge is ready for traffic to cross.

July 8th, 2014: Today, county commissioners approved the temporary closure schedule for the L-4 Salmon Creek Bridge on Littlerock Road SW so that construction crews can rebuild the failing bridge. Crews will begin preliminary work on the bridge Monday, July 14, and the bridge will close on Monday, August 11 for demolition of the old structure.

June 30, 2014: Thurston County Commissioners awarded a $1.6 million dollar contract for the bridge to Active Construction, Inc. of Puyallup. The project is on track to begin construction mid-July—a few weeks earlier than originally expected.

June 19th, 2014: Public Works opened seven bids for the Salmon Creek Bridge (L-4) Replacement project on June 18, 2014.

Public works is reviewing bid documents and will award the project to the lowest responsive bidder in the next couple of weeks. Once the project is awarded then staff will work with the Contractor to determine the exact date Littlerock Road will be closed to begin construction.

June 3rd, 2014: Public Meeting tonight at Black Hills High School from 4-8 PM. There will be Public Works  staff on hand to answer questions about what is coming up in the next several months with the project. This will not be an open-mike forum, but you will be able to talk to the staff and ask them any questions that you might have about the project and upcoming road closure.

May 29th. 2014: Plans have been submitted to Builders Exchange for posting and should be up later today. This opens the official bidding process for the reconstruction of the Salmon Creek Bridge. Interested contractors should visit the Builders Exchange Website to view and download the plans when they are available. An Open House format public meeting has been scheduled for June 3rd from 4-8PM at Black Hills HS. Staff will be on hand to answer questions about the project.

March 22nd, 2014: WSDOT's  "Bailey Bridge" has enabled us to reopen L4 to passenger and emergency vehicles! Littlerock Rd SW remains closed to truck and oversized traffic between 110th Ave SW and 93rd Ave SW.  

March 18th, 2014: Our crews, in cooperation with WSDOT, are working on installation of a "Bailey Bridge" to allow the temporary reopening of Littlerock Rd while engineering and permitting processes continue for the new bridge installation.

February 2014: The project is currently in the planning and design phase after this winter's discovery of some structural issues that caused the emergency closure and subsequent repairs.


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Project plans are available online at Builders Exchange of Washington
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