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Important Information

Permit Information

Encroachment Permits/ New Driveway Permits

Why is an encroachment permit required?
An encroachment permit is required so we can maintain adequate drainage systems along each road without interfering with ingress/egress of each land use parcel. Safety factors such as available sight distance, proximity to nearby intersection/driveway and road classification all may impact the location of the driveway.

Any Stipulations?
Access to arterial roadways shall be spaced at intervals of 500 feet, collectors 300feet, and local roads 130 feet from nearby public or private intersection. A driveway serving two or more dwellings is considered a road. (See Arterial/Collector Roadways Map.) A paved apron must be constructed for two or more parcels accessing an arterial or collector. (TCRS, Section 7.04 & Appendix 7-A)

Where do you get the permit?
Permits may be obtained from Development Review in The County Courthouse, Building 1, 2nd Floor, at the Permit Assistance Center.

Is there a fee?
See permit fee schedule.  The property owner is responsible for the installation and costs. There may be other review fees associated with the permit.

What does the inspector look for on the first inspections?
Inspectors look for drainage issues (i.e. culvert size), and available site distance.

What is the next step?
A letter will be mailed to the property owner informing the owner if the culvert is or is not required, the culvert installation expiration date, and if there will be any further stipulations required.

Final Step:
The property owner will need to call Thurston County Development Review Section at 867-2046 to request a final inspection when completed.

Thurston County Road Standards, New Driveways, Section 4.07
Thurston County Road Standards, Access Points, Section 7.04, 7.05, & 7.06
Thurston County Road Standards, Appendix 7-A, 7-B

Utility Permits
Utility, as defined by the 1999 Thurston County Road Standards, is a business providing public service such as gas, electric power, telephone, telegraph, water, sewer, or cable television, whether or not such business is privately owned or owned by a government entity. In according to Ordinance 11865, there are three different types of permits based on the activity. Please refer to Section 13.56.050, Utility Permit Type, in Ordinance 11865.Please contact our division at 360-867-2046 or e-mail for a utility permit application. Have the following information ready to put on the permit:

Permit Granted To:
Address of Grantee:
Phone of Grantee:
Project Description:
Site Location:
Work Order Number if Applicable:
Lineal Feet of Work Being Done:

Link to Thurston County Utility Ordinance

Oversize/Overload Weight Permits
To obtain a permit, call:  (360) 786-5495 Monday-Friday