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Social Media & Public Works

Our goal is to provide you with the most up to date information about the roads, services, and properties of Thurston County in the most accessible way. We have recently availed ourselves of the tools of the internet using social media outlets such as email, Twitter®, and Facebook® in addition to the website. From this page you can access all of our off-site hosted social media services.


Project Blogs

Our blogs are published on varying schedules depending upon the project that they are representing.  The publishing varies from a few times a week to monthly. We currently have blogs representing some of our active areas.  We are now publishing project blog for each of our projects and including status updates, field reports and pictures. We are hosting these on our website and you can link to them from our Engineering Projects Home page.

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Some of our divisions have Facebook pages to share information with the public

sm_fb_logo Thurston Solid Waste shares tips on recycling and green living



- We are using Twitter to keep you up to date with SMS messages sent to your mobile device or PC. We have several Twitter accounts for you to choose from depending upon your need, you can follow one or many.
General Public Works announcements, PSA's closures, emergency notifications.
Road maintenance and construction information. Crew locations, road closures.
Recycling education, green living tips.



Yes, of course, you can always reach us by email. Our email address is publicworksinfo@co.thurston.wa.us. Our webmaster will direct your mail to the person that you are trying to reach.