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TC-TBD Board Meetings are broadcast on TCTV, ch 3, and available for viewing through the County Connection web page.
The current officers of the board are:
  • John Hutchings - President
  • Gary Edwards - Vice President
  • Bud Blake - Board Member
  • Marcie Taylor - Clerk of the Board
  • Contact the Board


State law (RCW 36.73) allows TBDs to collect several different kinds of taxes and fees. Some do not require voter approval for the TBD to collect them, including an annual vehicle license fee up to $20(The fee is collected when you renew your car tabs each year) & Transportation Impact Fees on commercial and industrial buildings.
    Some do require voter approval before the TBD can collect them, including:
  • An annual vehicle license fee above $20, up to $100.
  • A sales and use tax up to 0.2%.
  • Property taxes—a TBD can collect a 1-year excess levy, or an excess levy for capital purposes.
  • Vehicle tolls

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