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TC-TBD Board Meetings are broadcast on TCTV, ch 3, and available for viewing through the County Connection web page.
The current officers of the board are:
  • John Hutchings - President
  • Gary Edwards - Vice President
  • Bud Blake - Board Member
  • Marcie Taylor - Clerk of the Board
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Questions and Answers

What are some of the criteria that might be used to choose specific transportation projects?

According to RCW 36.73, criteria may include:
  • Safety improvements
  • Preservation and maintenance of roadways and other transportation facilities
  • Increased vehicle capacity
  • Improved travel times
  • Increased performance of the transportation system overall
  • Other criteria established by the TBD Board

What area is included in the Thurston County TBD proposal?

Thurston County’s Transportation Benefit District would include only the unincorporated areas of the county. That does not include any incorporated cities or towns, but it does include the urban growth areas just outside the city limits of the cities and towns

Who governs the TC-TBD?

The Thurston County TBD Board of Directors consists of all three members of the Thurston County Commission. The legislative authority is acting “ex-officio” and independently as the governing body of the TBD.

What kinds of transportation improvements can be funded by a TBD?

Under the regulations establishing a TBD, the governing body must develop a plan that specifies the transportation improvements to be provided or funded by the TBD. A TBD can fund any transportation improvement contained in any existing state, regional, or local transportation plan that is necessitated by existing or reasonably foreseeable traffic congestion levels. This can include preservation, improvements to and maintenance of county roads, state highways, investments in high capacity transportation and other such projects identified in a regional transportation organization plan or state plan.

What kinds of taxes are TBDs allowed to collect?

State law allows TBDs to collect several different kinds of taxes and fees. Some do not require voter approval for the TBD to collect them, including:
  • Annual vehicle license fee that starts at $20 that is collected when you renew your car tabs each year—*2015 state legislation has modified this funding option.
  • Transportation Impact Fees on commercial and industrial buildings

What fees require voter approval before collection?

Voter approval is required before the TBD can collect some fees, including:
  • A sales and use tax up to 0.2%.
  • Property taxes—a TBD can collect a 1-year excess levy , or an excess levy for capital purposes.
  • Vehicle tolls

Are there vehicles exempt from the $20 fee?

Go to the Washington State Department of Licensing web page at www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/localfees.html for a list of vehicles that must pay the fee, vehicles that are exempt from the fee, and other licensing information.

What happens if no funding is approved?

The road system will continue to deteriorate faster as less funding will be available for pavement overlays; neighborhood traffic calming program will continue to be unfunded; nearly 1/2 mile of old guardrail will not be replaced; fewer roads would have wider edge (paint) lines – a proven, very low cost means of reducing traffic accidents. These are some examples of work that would not be funded.

How much revenue would be generated by a 0.2% sales and use tax?

Approximately $1,486,000 would be generated, based on 2015 sales tax revenue.

More questions about the Thurston County Transportation Benefit District?

Contact the TCTBD via email or call (360) 867-2273

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