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►CURRENT ROAD CLOSURES--Updated 01-09-15

updated 12:15pm

Below are listed the currently closed roads. Please do not drive through these areas.It is extremely unsafe.

Go to this page to view the current LIST OF CLOSURES.

Winter Tree

Get Prepared for the Change in Seasons

Winter is here. This means wind, rain, leaves, ice, and possible floods. Working together, we can avoid, avert, or minimize many of the common catastrophies that Mother Nature throws our way this time of year.

  • Take a moment to rake or sweep any leaves from the tops of storm drains.
  • Do not rake your leaves and lawn debris into ditches or onto the shoulders of the road.
  • Follow us on Twitter @Thurston_PW for road closures and other important notifications
  • Call us at 867-2300 if you see a road hazard such as flooding or fallen branches.

Always act in a safe manner! Do not attempt to remove fallen trees on your own. There may be energized powerline involvement.

Visit our Emergency & Weather page for more links and information.



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