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Non invasive flower seeds to attract bees and other pollinators available now!

Bee-Sensitive weed control - You can do your part to control destructive noxious weeds and still be the bee's knees. Replace noxious weeds with non-invasive, pollinator friendly plants that bloom from Spring through Fall to provide bees and other pollinators with food throughout their active season. To request a free seed packet, please call the Thurston County Noxious Weed Control office at 360-786-5576 or Email your name and mailing address to: tcweeds@co.thurston.wa.us



The trail project has been recognized by the Federal Highway Administration in their publication "Innovator". The project has Washington State's first ever bicycle roundabout. You can see the story on page 5. The link will take you to the FHWA website.

What's next?

Now that Bridging the Gap III is complete, the intersection of these two regionally important trails at a roundabout provides a place for a public space. The HUB will have a kiosk, seating/resting places, commemoration of the historic railroads that were the basis for the trails, and commemoration of the City of Olympia, City of Lacey, and Thurston County joint ownership at this HUB.

Click graphic below to view engineer's rendering of the Hub.

plan Click here to see the

Thurston County 2014-2018 Strategic Plan


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