What's happening now?

Sept 18, 2017--The prime contractor ACI and their subs are done working on the project while utilities are being re-located. Potelco, working for PSE power, is currently working on the project re-locating power poles and then power lines. North Sky, working for Century Link Phone, will be the next utility working on the project, after Potelco is done with their portion of the work. There is a chance that both utilities, Potelco and North Sky could be working on the project at the same time.
Aug 29, 2017 --Asplundh, working for PSE, completed their phase of removing trees that were in the power lines late last week. Now, we have the prime’s sub-contractor on site starting to clear the Right - Of- Way of trees, stumps, brush, etc. In doing so, the operator has his large excavator on the road, which is causing one lane to be closed and increasing the effect to the travelling public. They are starting on the Southern end of the project and moving north. Our inspector was out there earlier today and the excavator operator is doing a good job of stopping frequently to let cars pass thru the work zone. This phase of work will be taking place for at least 2 weeks.

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Project plans online at Builders Exchange of Washington when available.

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