Support Services Bureau

Support Services Administration

Sheriff John Snaza

Undersheriff Tim Braniff

Bureau Commander
Chief Brad Watkins

(360) 786-5659



The Support Services Bureau is charged with fulfilling statutorily required functions of the Sheriff’s Office such as front desk operations, warrants, civil functions, CPL/Gun Transfer applications, Records Unit, Public Disclosure Requests and all IT related issues.

A part of this bureau is the Investigations Services Division which is responsible for serious criminal investigations such as homicide, robbery, sexual assault, arson and major assaults. This division also conducts polygraph examinations, computer forensics, agency background investigations on prospective new members and oversees all evidence.

Additionally, this bureau is responsible for the agency fleet management, firearms acquisition and assignment and oversight of numerous other agency assets.

Lieutenant Cliff Ziesemer - Phone # (360) 786-5210

Investigative Services Division       Click here for an organizational chart

Sergeant Ray Brady   Phone # (360) 786-5516
Sergeant Carla Carter   Phone # (360) 754-3343
Legal Assistant Supervisor Iva Montgomery   Phone # (360) 786-5531

  • Detectives
  • Evidence Unit
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Polygraphs
  • Background Investigations
  • Public Information Officer / Media Relations

IT Unit

Systems Administrator Pat Brown   Phone # (360) 786-5514

  • Crime Statistics
  • IT Management / Support

Records Division

Services Division

Sergeant Jeff DeHan   Phone # (360) 786-5552

Legal Assistant Supervisor Carol Anderson  Phone # (360) 786-5535