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Download a PDF document of the entire Waste Less Food Tips packet or resources from it:



Learn more about wasted food with these great short videos:

Thurston County's video about the Restaurant Rescue program

Food Waste—A Story of Excess

Love Your Leftovers

Smart Grocery Shopping

The Global Food Waste Scandal

Let's Talk Trash

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There are lots of wonderful blogs out in the world that look at the issue of wasted food. Here are a couple of great ones to get you started.

Favorite Freezer Foods and Guides

The Frugal Girl

No Waste Tastes Great—Simply Being Mum

One Hundred Dollars a Month by Mavis Butterfield

Wasted Food by Jonathan Bloom



Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations—Food Wastage Footprint: Impacts on Natural Resources (PDF)

Institution of Mechanical Engineers—Global Food: Waste Not Want Not

Natural Resources Defense Council—Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill (PDF)

United States Department of Agriculture—Food Product Dating

World Resources Institute—Reducing Food Loss and Waste



There are some great web sites that can help you reimagine your leftovers and lots and lots of great blogs with good ideas too. Try these out for some tasty ideas:

Allrecipes has an “Everyday Leftovers” tab with recipes for different categories of food you may need to use up.

BigOven will let you enter the ingredients you need to use as search terms and it will find recipe options.

Premeditated Leftovers has a great recipe section, often with holiday ideas.

Also check out these tips for packing a waste-free lunch.



cell phone screen displays the Still Tasty appFood On the Table and Allrecipes Dinner Spinner both offer menu planning apps. Input your own recipes or import up to 3 a week off the web. The app will populate a menu, recipe box and grocery list for you. FOTB will check local stores for bargains. The Dinner Spinner will let you shake things up with a Vegas-style twist of the wrist. Both apps are free but do offer paid upgrades as membership/subscriptions.

StillTasty will tell you if what you’ve got is still good to eat. Expiration dates are non-FDA quality regulators, not safety indicators, so know what to toss and what to keep with this handy app. This app also provides proper storage information.




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