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Restaurant Rescue: Keep good food from going to waste!

food bank volunteer packs donated pizza

What is Restaurant Rescue?

Restaurant Rescue is a program through the Thurston County Food Bank that keeps extra food from going to waste.

Restaurants and caterers often prepare food they don’t end up serving to customers. Maybe it’s a tray of pasta that only a few customers ordered or a platter of sandwiches that wasn’t served.

The Thurston County Food Bank picks up your extra food, repackages it, and distributes it to our community.

Check out our video to watch Restaurant Rescue in action!

How does It work?

Call the Thurston County Food Bank at 352-8597 and they’ll set a schedule to pick up your donations.

Handle donated foods in the same manner as food served to your customers. Keep food at proper temperatures, and follow Washington State Food Safety Rules and Regulations.

Can I be held liable?

food bank volunteers package donated pizza

State and federal laws protects organizations from liability whenever they donate food they believe to be safe.

Learn more about Washington’s Good Samaritan law.

Learn more about the federal Good Samaritan law.

What about grocery stores?

The food bank also has a Grocery Rescue program. Stores can donate prepared foods, produce, meat, dairy, and more!

Where can individuals donate food?

Many groups in Thurston County collect food for distribution. See a list of food banks to find a location in your area. Please contact the organizations directly for drop-off locations and hours.

Join Restaurant Rescue!

To join Restaurant Rescue or Grocery Rescue, contact Robert Coit of the Thurston County Food Bank at 352-8597 or

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