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red arrow Please note: Thurston County Solid Waste does not own or operate compost/garbage/recycling hauling trucks. All service is provided by a private hauling company (except properties within the City of Olympia, which are served by the City of Olympia Public Works Department).

Solid Waste Hotline 360-867-2491
Waste Reduction Supervisor & product stewardship: Terri Thomas, (360) 867-2279
Curbside recycling: Any staff person listed here can answer questions.
Business technical assistance: Loni Hanka, (360) 867-2282
Apartment/condo recycling (multifamily): Loni Hanka, (360) 867-2282
School technical assistance: Peter Guttchen, (360) 867-2283
Carrie Ziegler, (360) 867-2285
School presentations, general outreach, youth volunteers: Colleen Minion, (360) 867-2280
Construction/demo debris & green building: Loni Hanka , (360) 867-2282
Community outreach, adult volunteers, events: Colleen Minion, (360) 867-2280
Rural outreach - Faith-based organizations: Loni Hanka, (360) 867-2282


Our physical and mailing address is:

Thurston County Public Works
Solid Waste Program
9605 Tilley Road S., Ste-D
Olympia, WA 98512-9140

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About Us

Thurston County Solid Waste is your waste prevention and recycling resource. We provide community education, technical assistance, and resources to help you reduce waste. Solid Waste also operates the Waste and Recovery Center at Hawks Prairie and drop box sites at Rainier and Rochester. All locations also have a recycle center.


To promote waste prevention and sustainable resource use in Thurston County through education, technical assistance, and community building.


We see a future in which everyone in Thurston County makes informed and responsible choices about what we produce and consume, so that every day our community creates less waste.

The Solid Waste Program is part of the Thurston County Public Works Department.

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