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wasted food on plate

The average American wastes 209–254 pounds of edible food each year. That is a huge waste of resources and costs a family of four about $130 a month. Yet most people don’t realize they waste that much.

Wasting food has negative impacts for your family, the environment and for our communities.

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Food Waster or Food Warrior—which are you?

The new WLF virtual workshop can tell you! What should you do with food that’s been wasted? If you answered, “Feed it to zombies,” you might be a food waster. Still not sure? What if we asked you whether wasting food impacts the food insecure members of our community? If your answer is, “Who cares, let them eat cake,” well then, you might benefit from the fun and informative virtual workshop brought to you by the county’s Waste Less Food campaign.

We want you to understand the impacts of wasting food – and have fun in the process! Modeled after the City of Olympia’s award-winning Grasscycling virtual workshop, the WLF workshop shares important information along with twelve questions that will help you understand why you should care about wasting food, how wasting food affects you, the environment and your community, as well as sharing some easy steps you can take to waste less. Those completing the workshop will be entered in monthly giveaways between now and April 2016 for fun kitchen gadgets and food saving items like cookbooks, veggie spiralizers, stainless steel lunchboxes and more.

And let’s face it, learning is a lot more fun when there are zombies and a dash of snarkiness, right? Find out if you’re a Food Waster or a Food Warrior at:

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