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Draft Stormwater Vesting Policy (PDF)

Lake St. Clair Fact Sheet

Splash (PDF) - Latest annual newsletter.

Drainage Manual - County design standards.

FEMA OKs big discount County property owners.

Stream Team - volunteer!

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Our job is to remove pollutants from rainwater runoff (called stormwater) before they get into water bodies.

Runoff carries chemicals like motor oil, and debris like dog poop into our streams, rivers and lakes. Some pollutants even seep through the ground into the aquifer – our source of drinking water. We work to prevent that so you can count on the water to be clean and safe.

Stormwater Utility Projects

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See projects around the county.
  Monitoring man recording data Monitoring sites map
We measure precipitation, stream levels, groundwater and more.
Stormwater Capital Facilities 6-year plan   Environmental monitoring program

Ratepayer Services - How can we help you today?

Basic facility maintenance

How to control vegetation, sediment and other common stormwater facility problems.

Drainage help

If you have drainage issues on or near your property, let us know. We can help!

Find a contractor

These businesses clean and repair ponds, catch basins and other stormwater facilities.
Map | List (PDF)

Report spills or dumping

Only rain down the drains, please. Anything else may threaten public health. Report anonymously online.

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