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Thurston County Storm and Surface Water Utility



Only Rain Down the Drain: With only limited exceptions, it is illegal to dump anything down a storm drain but rain water. 

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Protecting our Water Resources

Stormwater pollution from urban runoff can be a serious health risk and significant environmental threat to the quality of our rivers, lakes and streams. Every time it rains, pollutants such as sediment, oil, antifreeze, fertilizer, pesticides and animal waste are washed into storm drains and ditches, which then typically drains directly to a local water body, or into the ground -- our source of drinking water. 

The Thurston County Storm and Surface Water Utility provides programs and projects to reduce flooding, erosion and pollution caused by stormwater runoff, while protecting and enhancing aquatic habitat.



Stormwater Facility Maintenance

Managing Stormwater Runoff

managing stormwater runoff to improve water quality

Request Help with Drainage

on-site advice for drainage problems on or near properties

Maintain Stormwater Facilities

guidelines on maintaining your local stormwater facilities

Report Spills/Dumping

who to call about spills and dumping - report anonymously online

Reduce Stormwater Pollution

simple steps to reduce stormwater flooding and pollution

Drainage Manual

development standards for managing runoff and erosion

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