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Report Illegal Discharges (Dumping) Online

paint dumped in storm drainUse this form to file a complaint on each incident of illegal dumping.  Illegal dumping generally refers to any substance (other than rain water) that is dumped down or in a storm drainage system, or directly into a body of water. Paint, motor oil and erosion material are examples of substances  that are often dumped illegally.

To call a hotline number instead, click here.

Report of Illicit Discharge (Dumping)

Date found:
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Location where dumping occurred
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Please describe the incident:
The dumping occurred in which type of drainage system?  
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Description of materials found:
If your answer to the above question was "other," please describe the contaminant as best as you can.
Information About the Responsible Party
Please supply as much information as you know. You may request that your identity be kept confidential in the next section.
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Reporting Party Information
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If you would like confirmation that your report has been received and/or a followup phone call, please enter your e-mail addresss and contact information below.
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