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Healthy stream banks are very important, but so is what's between the banks. We need logs in our streams to create resting pools and places where young fish can hide to avoid being eaten. And, we need clean gravel to lay our eggs. Unfortunately, a lot of logs and gravel get swept away during heavy winter rains, when too much water runs off paved and developed land and rushes into our streams.


Here's how you can help!

  • Let sleeping logs lie! Please don't remove logs in an effort to "tidy up" the stream.

  • If water from your roof gutter is piped directly to the stream, it might be a good idea to disconnect the pipe. Depending on the size of your lot, your soil type, and slopes, you might be able to spread the water over your land or create a seasonal pond. Call your local storm and surface water program for technical assistance.

  • Plant native trees and shrubs throughout your property as well as along your banks. Native plants are better than lawns at preventing water from running off the land. Less lawn also means less work for you!

  • For excellent advice and help with instream projects such as adding new spawning gravel, call the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group at (360) 412-0808. For instream projects, you need a Hydraulic Project Approval permit from Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. Call them at (360) 902-2534 for a permit or if you have questions about instream conditions.


Did you know? Woody debris piles area natural feature of healthy streams and seldom cause a passage problem for fish. Occasionally, however, storms create log jams which can cause flooding problems. If this happens on your property, call the Washington State Dept. of fish and Wildlife at (360) 902-2534, For after-hour emergencies call (360) 902-2537.


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