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Here's a problem we're facing more and more ... muddy water. Mud can cover up gravel and smother our eggs. Not only that, muddy water usually means somebody's property is washing away ... a problem which gets worse every year!


Here's how you can help!

  • Keep soil out of streets, where storm drains or roadside ditches can carry the dirt into streams. Also, keep soil from construction and gardening projects away from streams. Straw bales around a construction site can help.

  • Stop erosion on your property. Plant vegetation and establish a trail to keep plants from getting trampled. Also, keep vehicles and bikes from driving on banks and in streams.

  • If you have a steep slope along your stream with severe erosion problems, get help! Call your local planning department or the Thurston Conservation District at (360) 754-3588.

Sammy Says: Trees help streambanks!

Did you know? Sediment build-up in streams not only smothers salmon eggs, it smothers water insects (fish food) too. Many stream insects breathe through gills and, like fish, need clear, oxygen-rich water.


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