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You may have heard that my friends and I could use some help. People who live next to streams are in a unique position to give salmon a hand. Since your actions can really make a difference to us, this web site has been written just for you. It turns out that what's good for us is good for you too! The actions you take to create a clean, safe place for us to live are the same actions that help protect your family's health and property! We're all in this together, so read on, and thanks for helping out!


Trees Please!
Trees protect streambanks and keep water cool.

Native Plants Get Our Vote
Native plants in your landscape provide many benefits.

Slow the Flow
The "instream" story.

Muddy Water Blues
Salmon eggs need clean water.

No Poisons Please
Protect your streams from pollution.

We've Been Slimed!
Fertilizers and algae - a bad mix for salmon.

A Word About Waste
Bacteria are bad for our clam friends.

The Salmon Life Cycle
From eggs to adults - a salmon's life.

We're on the Go!!
Where salmon live in north Thurston County

Contacts & Credits
More information and thanks to our friends who made this guide possible!

Thurston County
Storm & Surface Water Program
929 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Olympia, WA 98502

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