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One last thing ... Here's a real problem for my clam friends and other shellfish at the end of the stream. Diseases from human and animal waste often enter streams flowing to Puget Sound, making it unsafe for people to harvest and eat shellfish. It's also not very safe to swim in water contaminated by disease-causing bacteria and viruses! Here's what you can do to help protect the health of your family and pets:


  • Pump your septic tank every three to five years, depending on the size of your family and how much water you use. Call Thurston County Environmental Health., (360) 754-4111, for information on septic system maintenance.

  • Clean up Spot's droppings. Pick up pet waste and put it in the garbage to keep waste away from streams and out of stream buffers.

  • Keep horse and other livestock manure out of your stream. Call the Thurston Conservation District at (360) 754-3588 to find out the best way to fence your animals away from streams, and how to compost barnyard manure.


Did you know? At the time this guide went to press, harvesting shellfish in Budd Inlet was prohibited south of Burfoot County Park. Harvesting was also prohibited around Boston Harbor and the southern end of Henderson Inlet. Harvesting was conditional in other parts of South Puget Sound, meaning that beaches were closed to harvesting after a certain amount of rainfall occurred. These harvesting restrictions are due to high bacteria counts. To find out where you can safely harvest shellfish, call Thurston County Environmental Health at (360) 754-4111.


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