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Thurston County Stormwater Utility

Thurston County Stream Team

Stream Team is a program for citizens interested in protecting and enhancing water resources in Thurston County watersheds. The program is jointly coordinated by Thurston County and the cities of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater.

Participating in Stream Team is a great way to meet new people, learn about local water resources and have fun while protecting the environment.  Stream Team volunteers perform a wide array of services, such as planting native trees, monitoring local streams, removing litter, and marking storm drains with the important message: "No Dumping - Flows to Waterways."

Join the team! The future belongs to all of us! To join, call 754-4681.

red arrowSee our regional Stream Team page for a calendar of events and past Stream Team newsletters.

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Streamside Living

Interested in the history and features of local Thurston County streams?  Click here for our Streamside Living website.

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