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Managing Stormwater Runoff

Maintain your Stormwater Facilities

Thurston County Resource Stewardship staff performs inspections of private and commercial stormwater facilities on an annual basis to ensure they are functioning properly and is available to provide technical assistance as needed.  Email us at stormwater@co.thurston.us if you have questions about the maintenance of your stormwater facility.

What are stormwater facilities?

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Stormwater runoff ends up in local streams, creeks, rivers, and lakesAs native vegetation is removed and replaced with impervious surfaces such roads, parking lots, and buildings, rainwater is no longer absorbed by plants or able to slowly infiltrate into the soil.  In cities and developed areas, rainwater runs off at a much higher rate than it did before the existing vegetation was removed, resulting in pollutants and sediments being washed from impervious surfaces and into our bays and streams during rain events.

Stormwater Video

The following video, produced by King County, describes stormwater runoff and why it's important to manage it. Some of the phrasing pertains only to King County, but the video provides a good overview. Enjoy!

Stormwater Matters: What is stormwater and why is it important? from King County DNRP on Vimeo.

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