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NPDES Maps and Publications

Overview of NPDES

Federal law requires Thurston County to minimize or prevent stormwater pollution under the county’s "NPDES Phase II Permit." "NPDES" stands for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, a federal permit system based in the Federal Clean Water Act. The permit requires Thurston County to take a number of actions to reduce stormwater pollution within a certain geographic area/permit boundary. Among other things, the permit requires Thurston County to accomplish the following tasks: (See our Storm and Surface Water Utility Services page for examples of how we're meeting these requirements.)

  • npdes logoHave adequate codes, contracts, interlocal agreements, or similar means to control discharges to and from the county’s storm drainage system;
  • Map the storm drainage system;
  • Coordinate permit actions, both within Thurston County government and with other cities and counties;
  • Provide opportunities for public involvement;
  • Control runoff from new development;
  • Construct stormwater treatment facilities to clean up pollution from existing development;
  • Require pollution prevention measures through county code and have a business inspection program to enforce the code;
  • Educate county staff and the public about stormwater pollution and how to prevent it.

NPDES Maps and Documents

Thurston County is also required to post several documents on the web, as shown below.

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 Staff contact: Larry Schaffner, (360) 754-4106. E-mail: schaffl@co.thurston.wa.us


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