As of January 1, 1998, Thurston County Superior Court commenced an Individual Case Assignment system for civil cases.  At the time of filing, all civil cases are assigned a judge and given a trial scheduling date approximately 120 days out.  Assignment of a judge is a random process performed by computer system at the Clerk's Office.  Please refer to the Thurston County Superior Court Local Court Rules for more detailed information on civil case administration.  Specifically, please refer to LCR 40 for detailed information on civil trial scheduling.  Click here to obtain a Trial Scheduling Questionnaire.

Civil motions are heard by each civil department on Friday mornings at 9:00.  Please refer to LCR 5 for information on motion practice.

On occasion it is necessary to cancel a civil motion calendar.  Click below to view the list of cancelled civil motion calendars.

2016 Civil Motion Calendar cancellation dates

Click on the judge's name to view Civil Case Procedures.

 Judge  Judicial Assistant  Room #  Phone #
Carol Murphy Tonya Moore 203  360.754.4405
Gary R. Tabor Carolina Mejia 204  360.786.5557
Anne Hirsch Carolina Mejia 201  360.786.5557
Mary Sue Wilson Tonya Moore 202  360.754.4405

Click here for information regarding Ex Parte.