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 Criminal Calendar Reminders, Announcements and Changes (PDF)

Suppression Hearing (3.5/3.6): Monday 9:00 am

   At these hearings, testimony may or may not be taken

   Court decides whether evidence is excluded from trial.


Special Sentencing/Competency Calendar: Monday 10:30 am

   Sentencing with Pre-Sentence Investigation

   Competency Review


Evidentiary Hearings: Monday 1:30 pm

   Generally, testimony is taken and findings of fact are made by the court

   Hearings include:

       Sell hearings, child hearsay, contested noncompliance, contested diversion revocation, contested
       restitution hearing, etc.
   Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative revocations ieses)


Change of Plea and Sentencing Calendar: Every Weekday 1:30 pm

   Change of plea and sentencing

   Change of plea only

   Sentencing only

   Entry into diversion

   Stipulated facts bench trial Alsearing


Preliminary Appearances: Tuesday-Friday 3:30 pm, Monday 3:00 pm

   Probable cause findings

   Bail/Conditions of Release set

   Warrant identification hearing


Treatment Review Calendar: Tuesday 8:30 am

   Hearings to monitor post-conviction treatment compliance


Drug Court: Tuesday 10:00 am and 2:30 pm and Friday 2:30 pm


    Contract signing

   Review hearing


Arraignment Calendar: Tuesday 10:00 am


   Attorney status hearings

   Walk on warrants


Status Hearings: Wednesday 9:00 am

  Confirm for trial


Omnibus Calendar:  Wednesday 10:30 am and Thursday 10:30 am

  Agreed orders for continuance of omnibus hearings, consolidated omnibus hearings
      and orders of trial continuance are signed off the record.  Refer to CrR 4.5 Omnibus Hearing.
  Requests for warrants for nonappearance nfirm for trial


Miscellaneous Motions Calendar: Thursday 9:00 am

   Types of motions:

     Vacate conviction

     Rescission/Modification of no contact order

     Modification of Judgment and Sentence

     Modify conditions of Release/Bail

     Withdrawal/new counsel

     Diversion review

     Restitution (agreed orders)

     Forfeit/Exonerate bail

     Enter pretrial diversion plan

     Continuance/modify court dates

     Extension of time to begin sentence

     Extradition Reviews


     Vacate/Expungement of criminal history


   Motions shall be in writing and judge's copies provided to Judicial Assistant

   Motions brought by a represented defendant, not their attorney, will be stricken

     unless it is a motion regarding the representation

   Motions must comply with CrR 8.2.


Non-compliance Calendar: Friday 8:30 am

   Non-compliance motions on post-conviction cases

   Payment review hearings on legal financial obligations


Civil Miscellaneous: Friday 9:00 am


    Appeals of District Court matters (RALJ)

    Firearms rights restoration petitions

    Relief from Requirement to Register as a Sex Offender

    Motions to Stay DOL license suspensions/revocations


STARTING JANUARY 1, 2018 there will no longer be a Civil Miscellaneous calendar.
Please see the notice on our main page under IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS.


Arrest Warrants walk on procedure


Request to appear telephonically: See LCR 7(b)(5).


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