Superior Court Judges

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 Judge  Judicial Assistant  Phone #
Main Campus:    
Carol Murphy Tonya Moore 360.754.4405
James Dixon Carolina Mejia Barahona 360.786.5557
Erik D. Price Terrisa Burke 360.709.3052
Mary Sue Wilson Terrisa Burke 360.709.3052
John C. Skinder Carolina Mejia Barahona 360.786.5557
Chris Lanese Tonya Moore 360.754.4405
Family & Juvenile Court:    
Anne Hirsch Yvonne Pier  360.709.3247
Christine Schaller Sandy Smith   360.709.3202

Courtroom locations for Judicial Officers are posted through the courthouse.

Superior Court Commissioners

Jonathon Lack 360.709.3201
Indu Thomas 360.709.3201
Nathan Kortokrax 360.709.3247

Ex Parte Court Commissioner

Rebekah Zinn 360.786.5560

 Superior Court Administration

Pam Hartman-Beyer Superior Court Administrator  360.786.5560
Rebekah Zinn Staff Attorney/Court Commissioner  360.786.5560
Elsa Anderson Administrative Services Manager 360.754.4544
Edith VanderWal Family & Juvenile Court Supervisor 360.709.3232
Derek Sloan Jury Administrator 360.754.3355 X6582
Tim Morgan Security Coordinator  
Louise Adams

Senior Office Assistant - Reception

ADR Coordinator

Interpreter Services

Wedding Coordinator

Security Coordinator

Sabrina Craig Drug Court Program Manager 360.357.2482 X7757
Kim Robbins Drug Court Assistant 360.357.2482 X7752

Court Reporters

Court Reporters Brochure

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Court Reporter Location Phone #
Pamela Jones Main Campus 360.786.5571
Rafe Beswick Main Campus 360.786.5568
Cheri Davidson Main Campus 360.786.5570
Kathy Beehler Main Campus 360.754.4370
Cheri Davidson Main Campus 360.709.3212
Kathy Beehler Main Campus 360.754.4370
Aurora Shackell Family & Juvenile Court 360.709.3212
Sonya Wilcox Main Campus 360.786.5569

Pretrial Services

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Marianne Clear Director 360.867.2999
Kelley McIntosh Pretrial Services Specialist 360.357.2482 X7757
Sherry Jackson Pretrial Services Specialist 360.357.2482 X7752
Evan Sullivan Pretrial Services Specialist 360.357.2482 X7752