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Bonnie Marks, Jury Administrator 360.754.3355 X6582
Louise Adams, Back up Jury Administrator 360.786.5560
Jury Information Line  360.786.5566 or 1.800.522.JURY

Welcome to Jury Duty in Thurston County!


Am I being called in for jury duty?
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You may use our online Jury System to perform these tasks:

  • One-time request to reschedule your term of service within two months of original service date

  • Complete the QUALIFICATIONS section of your jury summons

Please be aware that due to technical difficulties, the jury website currently does not have a security certificate in force. We hope to have the website secured again soon.

You may still use the website to respond to your summons, or you may do so by mailing, faxing, or hand delivering it to:

Jury Administration
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Blg. 2
Olympia, WA  98502
Fax:  (360) 754-4060



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Re: Requests for Personal Information by Phone

There is currently a scam going on in several states, including Washington State, where jurors have been contacted by phone with a request for their Social Security Number.

This is to alert jurors that Thurston County Superior Court staff DO NOT ask for Social Security Numbers and you should NOT give this information to anyone even if someone claiming to represent the court asks you for such information.



Welcome to Jury Duty in Thurston County!  The courts appreciate your willingness to serve in this vital role as a juror.  It is a service only you and your fellow citizens can provide.

Since you are probably wondering what your jury service involves, click here for a wide range of general information about jury service.  Also, below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about visiting the Thurston County Courthouse.

  • Where do I park when I report for jury service?

There is a parking lot for jurors between the courthouse and the Red Lion hotel, however, it does fill up fast so you might want to plan to arrive early.  Bus service is available from Capitol Lake and runs approximately every fifteen (15) minutes.  Also, there is usually parking a short walk from the courthouse on Evergreen Loop Drive.  If you have a handicap permit there are several parking spaces available in front of the courthouse buildings.

  • Where do I report and what happens?

You will either be asked to report to Building 1 or Building 2 at the Thurston County Courthouse.  Building 1 opens at 7:30 a.m. and Building 2 opens at 8:00 a.m.  You may be asked to report as early as 7:00 a.m.

  • Where do I have lunch?

Jurors are welcome to bring their lunch, however no refrigeration is available.  The Red Lion hotel has a coffee shop and is within walking distance.  An espresso bar is located in front of Building 2 and they provide several different beverages, pastries and at lunchtime offer sandwiches, salads and hotdogs.

  • Is security provided?

Building 2 has security officers and a metal detector.  Everyone entering Building 2 will be screened.  Please do not take this personally, as it is a safety feature for all of us.  It is recommended that you limit what you bring with you to the courthouse as it will save time going through security.  It is recommended that you bring some reading material as there are periods of waiting.  Firearms, knives and other dangerous weapons may not be taken into the courthouse.

  • What should I wear for jury duty?

This building complex was built more than 40 years ago.  Temperatures in both buildings vary from courtroom to courtroom and waiting areas.  Business casual is the dress code for jury duty and we recommend that you dress in layers.  Please do not wear loungewear, beachwear, athletic wear or shorts.