All civil actions, where the sole relief sought is monetary damages, and where no party asserts a claim in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), are subject to Mandatory Arbitration.  If a party asserts that its claim exceeds fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or seeks relief other than monetary damages, the case is only subject to arbitration by stipulation.

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  • Is there a fee to file a Notice of Issue transferring a case into Arbitration?

Yes.  Effective January 1, 2016 the fee is $220 in Thurston County to file a Notice of Issue and  transfer a case into Arbitration.

  • When should I transfer a case to Arbitration?

A party should file and serve a Note for Arbitration after all parties have been joined, all claims, counterclaims and cross-claims answered, and at least ten days before the trial scheduling date. 

  • How do I transfer my case to Arbitration?

A party should file and serve a Note for Arbitration, noting the matter for a Friday civil motion calendar.  If no party files an objection to Arbitration, personal appearance on the date noted is not necessary.

  • How do I Object to Arbitration?

A party may object to Mandatory Arbitration by filing and serving a Response to Statement of Arbitration before the date designated on the Note for Arbitration.  If a party files an objection, both parties should appear on the noted date and argue the matter before the assigned judge.  If no party files an objection, appearance is not necessary and the case will be transferred to Mandatory Arbitration.

  • How is the Arbitrator Appointed?

An Arbitrator is appointed based on the parties' responses to the Strike List or by Stipulation to Arbitrator.  If the parties do not respond to the Strike List or stipulate to an Arbitrator within 14 days of receipt of the Strike List, the Arbitration Coordinator will appoint an Arbitrator from the Strike List.

  • Litigants: Where can I view the Panel of Arbitrators?
  • Attorneys: How can I become an Arbitrator?

In accordance with state statute, attorneys who have practiced in Washington for five years or more are qualified to serve on the panel of arbitrators.  To become an Arbitrator, please complete and return an Arbitrator Profile and Oath to the address listed below.  To view the current panel of arbitrators with brief biographies, click here.


Note for Arbitration
Response to Statement of Arbitrability
Stipulation to Arbitrator
Available Hearing Dates
Request for Trial do Novo and Seal Award (updated 10/13)


Notice of Arbitration Hearing Date
Order of Continuance of Arbitration Hearing Date
Arbitration Settlement and Removal from Arbitration Calendar
Arbitration Award
Arbitrator's Request for Compensation
Arbitrator Profile and Oath

Mailing Address/Contact Information

Arbitration Department

Thurston County Superior Court

2000 Lakeridge Dr SW Bldg 2

Olympia WA 98502