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Useful Foreclosure Research Websites
  • Beware of mortgage and foreclosure scams. See the Washington State Attorney General's Office (AGO) website for information.
  • Thurston County Treasurer’s Office has its yearly tax foreclosure sale facilitated by
  • Internet access to the Thurston County Geodata system is available at Choose "Parcel Search" and enter the parcel number. After property information is displayed click on "Zoom Map to Parcel" to view mapping system.
  • Research property values and market improvements at the Thurston County Office of the Assessor.
  • Research public records at the Thurston County Auditor.
  • Check on Thurston County’s long term planning process at the Thurston County Planning Department.
  • Verify land use, zoning, and if lots are buildable through the Thurston County Permit Center.
  • The Washington State Department of Ecology toxic cleanup site is available at Toxics Cleanup Program. Under "Cleanup Site Information" click on "Search for Cleanup Sites". You may search by county, city, or address to verify if the property is listed as toxic. For more information contact Ecology’s Toxic Cleanup Program at (360) 407-6240.